Week 7: Our Fast Food/Fast Media Nation

This week we will explore the epidemic of fast food coupled with fast media and explore their interplay.


Week 5: What is Food Media Literacy?

Wed 3 Oct Quiz #5 [Canvas] Defining Food Media Literacy [Google Slides] Supporting Videos: With regards to the video below, ask yourself the question: "What is the value for consumers and corporations when corporations "peel back the veil" on their own products? Fri 6 Oct The Codes and Conventions of Food Media [Google Slides] Berenstein (2015)... Continue Reading →

Week 4: Re/presenting Food History & Culture

Wed 26 Sept Feedback on Viewer Response #1 Download Discussion of In Defense of Food What are some of the communication and media elements highlighted in this documentary? Anatomy of Food History of Food Technology Marketing of Vitamins|Food |Nutrients Intercultural Eating Habits Blessed Nutrients versus Evil Nutrients Nutritionism Microbes Matter Appetite is socially and environmentally constructed... Continue Reading →

Week 3: Evolution of Food Across Time

Wed 19 Sept Quiz #4 on "Time, Sugar & Sweetness" (Mintz reading) Food History Timeline (15% of course grade) Where do you obtain your historical data? Discerning reliability of information [Wikipedia: History of Sugar] Determining credibility of authorship/ownership [Eat Happy Project] [Curriculum lesson] Detecting media bias/perspective ["A Timeline of Sugar Spin"] History of Sugar Timeline... Continue Reading →

Week 1 | Course Introduction

Welcome to Food Media Literacy for the Fall 2018 semester. This first week we will be mostly dealing with course logistics, policies, and defining important terms. I will also introduce your first formal writing assignment, the Food Autobiography. Wed 05 Sept Introductions/Course Logistics Course Syllabus Calendar/Assignments Food Autobiography guidelines Fri 07 Sept Quiz #1 (Canvas)... Continue Reading →

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