Food History Timeline

Note: Topics were due in Canvas on September 22nd. Those already claimed include hamburger, whiskey, potatoes, kombucha, sushi, pancakes, apple, and oats. Conceptual Design This assignment emphasizes the media literacy concept that all media are constructions. They are neither natural nor "windows to the world." Rather, they are historical constructions that shape (and in turn... Continue Reading →


Week 3: Evolution of Food Across Time

Wed 20 Sept Calendar Updates Quiz #4 on "Time, Sugar & Sweetness" (Mintz reading) [Canvas] Food History Timeline (15% of course grade) Where do you obtain your historical data? Discerning reliability of information [Wikipedia: History of Sugar] Determining credibility of authorship/ownership [Eat Happy Project] [Curriculum lesson] Detecting media bias/perspective ["A Timeline of Sugar Spin"] History... Continue Reading →

Week 2: History, Culture, & Communication through Food

Wed 13 Sept Quiz #2 [Canvas] Discussion of selections from In Memory's Kitchen: A Legacy From the Women of Terezín [Google Slides] Food Autobiographies due in Canvas by 5:00pm EST today Calendar updates Fri 15 Sept Quiz #3 [Canvas] Autobiographies Revisited Discussion of Montanari's Food as Culture [Google Slides]

Week 1 | Course Introduction

Welcome to Food Media Literacy for the Fall 2017 semester. This first week we will be mostly dealing with course logistics and policies, defining terms, and finding our way around the beautiful state-of-the-art new building. I will also introduce your first formal writing assignment, the Food Autobiography. Wed 06 Sept Introductions/Course Logistics Course Syllabus Calendar/Assignments... Continue Reading →

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