Week 15: That’s a Wrap

Please submit a student satisfaction survey by [clicking here] Note: the survey will close on Wednesday 12/20 at noon. Check back here once Food Media Literacy Projects are graded for general feedback.


Week 13: Multimedia Literacies

Wed 29 Nov Designing your Multimedia Project via Padlet   Fri 01 Dec Reminder: Only TWO remaining colloquia available for the semester for CMDA 490 [Option 1] [Option 2] Pitch Group 1 Food Media Literacy Project Rough Drafts | Group 2 gives feedback Key Questions that might help you deepen your analysis

Week 10: Food Politics

When Michelle Obama travels to schools across the country emphasizing increased individual physical fitness with the inspirational mantra of "Let's Move, it does not diminish the responsibility of Congress to hold the food and beverage industries accountable for their manufacturing and marketing practices. (Domine, 2015) Wed 8 Nov Cookbook Analysis due in Canvas by 8pm... Continue Reading →

Week 9: Industrial Globalization

Wed 1 Nov Quiz #9 [Canvas] "Profits and Pandemics: Prevention of Harmful Effects of Tobacco, Alcohol, and Ultra-Processed Food and Drink Industries" [Google Slides] Cookbook Analysis Updates **** The power of parody [Audience] **** Fri 3 Nov Let's start with the "Coca-Cola Happiness Truck in Brazil" [30-second commercial], shall we? "Carbonating the World The Marketing... Continue Reading →

Week 8: Food Media Are Owned

Wed 25 Oct The Possibilities & Pitfalls of Industry-Sponsored Research Quiz #8 [Canvas] "Myths, Presumptions, and Fact About Obesity" The New England Journal of Medicine  Key Questions Who authored/published/sponsored this? Is this fact, opinion, or something else? How credible is this? How do you know? What are the sources of data/information/assertions? Can I trust this source... Continue Reading →

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