You will be quizzed on the content of the assigned readings and your basic comprehension of that content. Quizzes cover exclusively the content from the assigned readings. The sole purpose of each quiz is to ensure that you complete the reading prior to coming to class—and not to assess your mastery or application of content. There will be a total of 10 quizzes during the semester @ 5 points each (50 points total). There are no make-up quizzes. Therefore, if you are tardy to or absent from class then you earn a zero score.


You will reflect upon and write about a prominent personal memory related to food— with an emphasis on exploring its socio-cultural meaning (750 words). (75 points)


This non/linear assignment asks you (as researcher/curator/multimedia designer) to engage with the history of a particular food or recipe and map it across time, geographies, and cultures. (1250 word essay plus Tiki-Toki timeline) (75 points)


This analytical essay focuses on the key questions central to food media literacy (as discussed in class). You will apply the key questions to a cookbook of your choice (approved by the instructor) to more deeply understand how the author constructs and conveys ideas about culture, politics, history, etc. (1500 words in length) (100 points)


Each film or program screening will require you to digitally document (in writing) your observations, ask questions, and make connections across concepts. A template will be provided and you will submit your responses through Canvas. (50 points)


This final project will be based on a course topic of your choice that will be approved by the instructor for submission at the end of the semester. The project development will be progressive (involve multiple stages) and will require you to implement all phases of the media literacy cycle. You will demonstrate your learning through a (2000-word) written essay and an oral presentation and visual demonstrationNote: There is no final examination in this course, just your submission of this final project. (150 points total)


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