Week 4: Re/presenting Food History & Culture

Wed 26 Sept

  • Feedback on Viewer Response #1
  • Download Discussion of In Defense of Food

What are some of the communication and media elements highlighted in this documentary?

  1. Anatomy of Food
  2. History of Food Technology
  3. Marketing of Vitamins|Food |Nutrients
  4. Intercultural Eating Habits
  5. Blessed Nutrients versus Evil Nutrients
  6. Nutritionism
  7. Microbes Matter
  8. Appetite is socially and environmentally constructed
  9. Politics & Pushing Back

Fri 28 Sept

Presentations of Historical Timelines Note: Links and docs must be submitted via Canvas prior to the beginning of class.

Note: On W 10/3 we will discuss the characteristics that comprise “food media literacy.” Quiz #5 will be on the Peterson (2012) article: “Exploring Baseline Food-Media Literacy of Adult Women” from the Journal of Media Literacy Education, 4. 


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