Week 9: Industrial Globalization

Wed 1 Nov

  • Quiz #9 [Canvas]
  • “Profits and Pandemics: Prevention of Harmful Effects of Tobacco, Alcohol, and Ultra-Processed Food and Drink Industries” [Google Slides]
  • Cookbook Analysis Updates


The power of parody [Audience]


Fri 3 Nov

Let’s start with the “Coca-Cola Happiness Truck in Brazil” [30-second commercial], shall we?

“Carbonating the World The Marketing and Health Impact of Sugar Drinks in Low-and Middle-income Countries” 2016 report [Canvas]

  • Who are the stakeholders identified in this report?
  • What does this report add to previous conversations we have had regarding the documentary “Globesity” and the journal article “Profits and Pandemics?”
  • Which of the recommendations do you find potentially the most impactful? least impactful?
  • What does it mean to live in an obesogenic environment?
  • Which graphic/visual display of information did you find the most compelling in this report?

The following clip is illustrative of PepsiCo’s marketing strategy in Vietnam (“Keep the Tet’s Fire” program was carried out in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh cities). What is the cultural narrative that propels sugar soda sales? What might be the media ecological impact of this campaign?


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