Week 4: Re/presenting Food History & Culture

Wed 27 Sept

What are some of the communication and media elements highlighted in this documentary?

  1. Anatomy of Food
  2. History of Food Technology
  3. Marketing of Vitamins|Food |Nutrients
  4. Intercultural Eating Habits
  5. Blessed Nutrients versus Evil Nutrients
  6. Nutritionism
  7. Microbes Matter
  8. Appetite is socially and environmentally constructed
  9. Politics & Pushing Back

Fri 29 Sept

Presentations of Historical Timelines Note: Links must be submitted via Canvas prior to the beginning of class

Note: On W 10/4 we will discuss the characteristics that comprise “food media literacy.” Quiz #4 will be on the Peterson (2012) article: “Exploring Baseline Food-Media Literacy of Adult Women” from the Journal of Media Literacy Education, 4. 


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